Our committees

SIEU reaches out to its members through various ways. Besides matters on bread-and-butter, SIEU feels it’s necessary to address other aspirations and needs of members. The union does this through the following working committees.

Members are encouraged to play a more active role in the union. Interested members may approach their respective Branch Chairpersons or call the union for more information.

After all, the union can only be as good as the members are.

3-Flow Committee
Flow In (of Leaders), Flow Up (Leadership Development), Flow On (Leadership renewal).They set the general direction for the sub-committees and look into the outreach of leaders, leadership development and ensure a smooth transition of leaders between generations.


Disciplinary Committee
They look into complains or issues within the membership. They step in to investigate any member accused of wrongdoing or if a member is working against the union’s interest. The Executive Council will then decide on the case based on their findings.


Publicity Committee
Communication is everything here! The main challenge of this committee is to increase members’ awareness of their rights and responsibilities through publications such asThe Assureds.


Industrial Relations Committee
This committee discusses various IR issues. They also help raise awareness of IR issues among members. They are affiliated to the NTUC Industrial Relations Committee (Service Sector).


Membership Committee
Committee members here constantly think of ways to market and recruit new union members. After all, with larger membership strength, SIEU has more bite and muscle. They are affiliated to the NTUC Membership Committee.


Projects Committee
Their core activity is the annual scholarship and bursary awards. The committee also plans other events such as the SIEU’s exco seminar. Held annually, SIEU leaders, delegates, members, family and friends come together for an escape away from our daily routines to debate on a variety of matters.


Sports & Recreation Committee
From organising the annual bowling competition to short getaways, this committee does it all! It’s all about fun! They are affiliated to U-Sports Department in NTUC.


U Live Committee
Very much young at heart, this committee engages the not-so-young members in various ways to promote active ageing. They are affiliated to NTUC U Live Committee.


Women’s, Social & Welfare Committee
With loads of charity, love and care in their hearts, committee members regularly plan visits to the less fortunate. This committee also plans their activities mainly around female members. They are affiliated to the NTUC Women’s Committee.


Young SIEU Committee
This committee serves the interest of the younger cohort of insurance workers. They are also a source for leadership renewal in SIEU. With them, you can expect the unexpected. Young SIEU is affiliated to Young NTUC.


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