Our story

Our mission has been the same since 1955.  As with any trade union, we exist to represent our members. We want better jobs, better life and better families. These do not happen by chance, nor are they easy feats.

Within the insurance industry in the 1950s, we represented and protected workers’ rights in a different way. We were more publicly visible, we protested and organised strikes. It was acrimonious and chaotic, leaving both companies and employees adversely impacted. But the choices were few to do things differently then.



Today, the word has changed. With technology and the internet creating a global village, we must now be more urbane in approaching issues. It demands us to look at different perspectives and find the best way forward for everyone. SIEU 21 vision is how we aspire to move ahead. Yet, nothing takes away our basic rights to protect members as we did so in our founding years.

Your best interest is our priority. Our collective vigour must be channelled towards working with companies to build a common future. We can only benefit when our companies do well. And our collective voice must be built upon the shoulders of credible and competent union leaders, whom you elect.


In building upon our collective strength, we are affiliated to the National Trades Union Congress and the Union Network International. They effectively provide us with voices both at the National and international stages. We are also able to pool resources through them to provide better services for you.

So we have an illustrious origin and an exiting future. And we want you to help write our story for tomorrow. Only united as one, can we stand stronger!


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