1989 - SIEU'S 1ST TWO

This significant year saw SIEU's first two full-time seconded officials. President Terry Lee and General Secretary Willie Tan took office much earlier but out of pure concern for members and the future of SIEU, they decided to be seconded full-time forsaking their positions in the office. The union's advisors then, MP for Jalan Kayu Mr Heng Chiang Meng and MP for Bukit Batok Dr Ong Chit Choon supported their appointment. It consequently received a strong mandate from the Delegates Council to do so. They both have been in service since.



From the 1986 recession experience, SIEU was among the few that went into a flexible wage system back in that year. It implemented the Variable Profit Bonus 1 (VPB1) and Variable Profit Bonus 2 (VPB2) systems. Besides, the union also took a bold stand to allow companies who wished to pay VPB2 on basis of merit to discuss their performance appraisal systems with the union. Last but not least, Service Increments from then on were negotiated annually with the union.


1987 - SIEU & YOU

In the same year, SIEU Education Committee launched a book and a series of in-house educational programme aspiring to educate members on their rights and the labour movement. A year later in 1988, the union recruited over 400 new members in 15 companies and as result saw an increased in women participation in SIEU even at Exco level.



In prior years, newsletters were handwritten, self-produced materials that would occasionally made its way to the member's hands. Hence, the call for a new and revitalised newsletter was necessary to reach members consistently, not just in mere timing but also in its contents and quality. Through the years, the quarterly published The Assureds saw many faces and changes.

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