Employees go to work and typically want to perform their jobs well. Conversely, there are some who expend only the minimum effort in their jobs and do not support their bosses or their organisation to succeed. Poor performance at the workplace is generally caused by the lack of motivation and communication when employees do not always know what is expected of them, their organisational goals and plans. A generic performance appraisal system jointly developed by the Insurance Group of employers and SIEU was meant to complement the job evaluation system implemented by 22 companies to evaluate efficiency and equitably reward employees. The appraisal system was necessary to ensure that measurement of individual performance was done on an objective basis. Its primary goals were to: -

REVIEW past performance
HELP improve current performance
ASSESS training and development needs
ASSESS future potential and career progression
HELP determine merit and bonus payments



Executives in the insurance industry, who are office workers like any other workers could also be subjected to likely discrimination and victimisation by some managers besides other grievances. Some management in the past were known to endow fanciful Executives titles without corresponding due duties and responsibilities to these Executives. This irresponsible act can undermine union membership and representation at the work place. It is unhealthy and not conducive for good industrial relations practice. In this connection, executives were encouraged to join the union where their rights were acknowledged to have the freedom of association as workers in a democratic society. As result, many junior executives in Insurance companies joined the SIEU not merely for protection but also improving their salaries among other services. However, this was discontinued when the bill was passed in Parliament since September 2002 for rank-and-file unions to have junior executives under limited representation.

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