2007 – SIEU’s THIRD

Deputy General Secretary, Bro Luke Hee joined Bro Terry and Bro Willie to be SIEU’s 3rd fulltime seconded official. Bro Luke started as a delegate in 1999 and was active in the union since. He later succeeded Bro Willie in 2013 as the union’s 2nd fulltime seconded General Secretary.



SIEU first launched this website at the union's 50th Golden Anniversary Celebrations Dinner on October 29, 2005. It was launched at the Meritus Mandarin and the evening’s Guest of Honour was Singapore's Senior Minister and Chairman MAS, Mr Goh Chok Tong.




Bringing the wage systems a step closer to those recommended by the Tripartite Taskforce on Wage Restructuring, a working group in the industry from management and the union was formed. It introduced more company-based and individual-based key performance indicators (KPIs) that are linked to the payment of the annual variable component (AVC). This would help keep the annual fixed portion of the wages at a more manageable level, allowing companies to better peg their KPIs to bonus payments. This in turn would give employees a chance to get a greater annual payout.



The General Insurance Association of Singapore (GIAS) implemented the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training hours to enhance the quality and standards of the industry. It was directed then that all employees of a direct general insurance company engaged in sales of insurance products, provision of insurance advisory services or handling of claims were strongly encouraged to complete a total of 30 training hours per year. However, only accredited or selected courses were eligible to be awarded the CPD hours. With concerns over the effectiveness of these training courses versus the hours spent, SIEU met MAS and GIAS through NTUC's facilitation. The meeting addressed the need to have a more structured training program and in result the 30 hours was reduced to 24 hours per year.



Earlier in that year, the Monetary Authority of Singapore introduced a compulsory Certificate in General Insurance for all Insurance company employees selling or providing sales advice on general insurance products. Arising out of members' concern over the deadlines of the examinations, SIEU met MAS in September 2002. As a result of the meeting where all parties like the General Insurance Association of Singapore and the NTUC were in one way or the other facilitating, a smooth and amicable decision was taken to extend the deadline of the exams for another 9 months. MAS also agreed to exempt employees above 45 years of age from taking the CGI examinations but they must attend compulsory tutorial classes.


2000 - SIEU & SRP

Formulated by the NTUC in 1997, the Skills Redevelopment Programme is aimed to enhance the employability of workers by encouraging employers to send workers for training that leads to certification. Since our very own SRP was launched in the Insurance industry, the Certificate in Insurance & Financial Services was developed in consultation with the Life Insurers' Association (LIA), General Insurers' Association (GIA), Singapore College of Insurance Ltd (SCI) and SIEU. Naturally employers played an enormous role in encouraging workers to attend the programme by paying a minimal Absentee Payroll. A steering committee was also formed with members from the industry and the union.

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